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This project aims to develop a European Qualification in Teaching Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) that will improve transparency across the European healthcare sector through the design, development, promotion and piloting of a European training programme specifically for the training of healthcare trainers in EBM.

The project will develop an EBM Training the Trainers curriculum that is integrated into clinical practice.

The project wishes to develop an integrated course that will

Bullet incorporate teaching of EBM in everyday clinical practice

Bullet be relevant to health care professionals across Europe

Bullet enhance and standardise the teaching of doctors

Bullet improve professional clinical guidelines

Bullet improve mobility of doctors

Bullet improve the care of patients

Bullet improve the efficiency of European medical practice

The project will produce a core curriculum for teaching EBM in various clinical settings. The curriculum will be translated into each country’s language and will be flexible enough to include country specific modules related to clinical guidelines and legislation relevant to each country. The curriculum will involve a new combination delivery method including both work based (e.g. in the hospital) and home/classroom teaching.

The development of a Training the Trainers programme will help provide a European qualification which will enable the trainers to fit more easily into the healthcare system of other EU states and will improve the efficiency and speed of EBM accreditation, providing a quality provision, effective work practice and improved patient care - again to be put into use.

In addition to the development of a European qualification in teaching EBM, the project will identify, collate and disseminate information on existing Training the Trainer courses in partner countries, their training needs, practices, skills and contacts through a network of influential healthcare, academic, social and governmental organisations, facilitating the integration of doctors of all ages and backgrounds into the larger European employment market.


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