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Web site: http://tudor.szote.u-szeged.hu

TUDOR (an acronym for „TUDományos ORvoslás” meaning „medicine based on science”) is a non-profit making foundation carrying out educational and human resource development projects that provide expertise in education and training of EBM methods and in the implementation of EBM in daily practice of health care providers and policy makers in Hungary. The TUDOR Network of EBM working groups was established in 1999 with the support of the Department for International Development of the UK Government.

Aims and objectives of the TUDOR Network

The aim of the TUDOR Network is to assist in the development of evidence-based health care and to support health policy and clinical decisions by disseminating evidence-based medicine in Hungary.

The key objectives of TUDOR are to:

Bullet improve the quality of health care services,

Bullet improve patient outcomes,

Bullet develop capacity and human resources for teaching and using EBM in practice,

Bullet support training and continuous medical education of professionals,

Bullet change professional conduct and attitudes („do the right things right”),

Bullet make health care policy and clinical decisions explicit, objective, transparent and effective,

Bullet assist health care restructuring and reorganisation,

Bullet support the integration of the country’s health care sector into that of the European Union.

The TUDOR Network, apart from regular EBM training activities, assists in the development of evidence-based national clinical guidelines and clinical audit in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. TUDOR also supports health policy and reimbursement decisions by providing regular EBM and HTA training and methodological expertise for staff of the National Health Insurance Fund Administration.

Collaborating partners

To achieve the above aims and objectives, we developed a national network of collaborating partners. Partners of the TUDOR Network represent a wide range of stakeholders, including doctors, nurses, patient groups, graduate and postgraduate medical students, representatives of medical and nursing Colleges, National Institutes, the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund. Our strategy is to „infiltrate” the health care system from each angle of stakeholders using the „bottom-up” and „top-down” approach simultaneously.

There are 7 regional TUDOR working groups in the Network, each having a project leader:

  Working group Region in Hungary Project Leader
1. Semmelweis University
and the capital
Istvan Mucsi
Marta Novak
2. University of Debrecen North-East Daniel Bereczki
3. University of Szeged South-East Andrea R. Horvath
4. University of Pecs South-West Tamas Decsi
5. Hungarian Nursing Association national Zoltan Balogh
6. Ministry of Health national Ildiko Szy
7. National Health Insurance Fund national Csaba Dozsa

The TUDOR Network partner institutions and professional organisations collaborate with each other and the educational and professional activities are complementary, so that the network is engaged in different aspects of EBM and targets different layers of the health care system. The results of this complex and multilayered project are shared by all network members. The local activities of the TUDOR Network are supported by the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund. More information on TUDOR can be found on http://tudor.szote.u-szeged.hu.

International collaborations

Activities of the TUDOR Network extend beyond the borders of Hungary. It has an extensive international collaboration with CASP International, Guidelines International Network (GIN) and the AGREE Collaboration. The TUDOR Network organised two EBM courses for Central-Eastern European and Central-Asian countries and currently prepares a WHO-GIN congress and workshop for guideline developers in October 2006.

In addition, regional leaders of the network have a broad collaboration in their specialist area with:

Bullet the Cochrane Collaboration (Stroke Review Group: Daniel Bereczki, Debrecen; Diagnosis and Screening Tests Method Group: Andrea Rita Horvath, Szeged);

Bullet the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine in the field of evidence-based laboratory medicine (EBLM) (AR Horvath is chair of the committee on EBLM; see http://www.ifcc.org/divisions/emd/c-eblm/ceblm.asp);

Bullet the University of Surrey (Consumers’ attitudes to early nutrition programming: Tamas Decsi, Pecs);

Bullet the University of Maribor, the Czech and Austrian Nursing Association on training in evidence-based nursing (Zoltan Balogh, Hungarian Nursing Association);

Bullet the European CoCan Project on guidelines in oncology (Ildiko Szy, Ministry of Health and Eva Dobos, University of Szeged).


Contact person:

Professor Andrea Rita Horvath, MD, PhD, FRCPath, EurClinChem

Department of Clinical Chemistry, University of Szeged

Somogyi bela ter 1, Szeged, H-6725 Hungary

E-mail: horvath@clab.szote.u-szeged.hu | Tel: (+36)-62-545 751 | Fax: (+36)-62-544 559



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