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  PARTNERS / J & AB Associates – England

Website: www.jandab.co.uk

J & AB Associates, an SME in the UK is a specialist European project Management Company with key skills in the evaluation, monitoring and verification of projects. The company administers the European Breast Cancer Screening Network, co-ordinating the activities of over 40 individual research programmes. Formed in 1983 we are the leading European Consultancy firm within the UK having managed over 3000 successful European funded initiatives.

The firm has skills in developing the necessary management structure, audit guidelines, financial accountability and evaluation techniques in order to test and administer the success of this project. J & AB Associates has already gained expertise within the Leonardo da Vinci programme and is providing financial management and evaluation work to four projects being carried out in the UK by promoting organisations. It is working closely with the UK National Agency.

This management and evaluation expertise will be used to review project progress, provide a financial database, develop evaluation tools (both hard and soft indicators) and help determine whether the project outcomes have been achieved.

J & AB and EU EBM Unity

Within the ‘European Union Evidenced Based Medicine Unity project J & AB Associates will be responsible for:

Bullet Compiling interim and final reports to be submitted to the Leonardo da Vinci National office;

Bullet Attending and organising partner and steering group meetings and keeping detailed notes for future use in evaluation activities;

Bullet Compiling invoices and receipts for proof of expenditure (all partners will be asked to forward copies of these on a quarterly basis to J & AB);

Bullet Liasing with the Leonardo da Vinci UK national office (ECOTEC)
Providing on-going advice and support to the EU EBM Unity team on the financial, management and monitoring requirements under Leonardo da Vinci Programme criteria.


Contact person: Sinead Gibbons | Senior Grant Management Consultant | Tel: +44 1926 450555 | Email:sinead.gibbons@jandab.co.uk



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