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EU-EBM Unity Project

Evidence-based medicine is defined as the ‘conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients’
David Sackett, 1996

The EU EBM Unity project (funded by Leonardo da Vinci national agency), aims to develop a European Qualification in Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) that will improve the relevance and quality of medical training in Europe, and enable doctors to easily integrate into the healthcare systems of other member states. It will ultimately improve the care of European patients and the mobility and effectiveness of doctors throughout Europe.

In the EBM-Basic curriculum you get to know the 5 basic steps of Evidence Based Medicine.


EU-EBM Training the Trainers Project

Teaching EBM should not only equip practitioners with knowledge and skills but also foster their attitudes and encourage the practice of EBM. Critical appraisal and EBM teaching that is integrated into clinical practice seems more effective in improving substantial outcomes including behavioural changes (Coomarasamy A, Khan KS. BMJ 2004; 329:1017).

This project aims to develop a European Qualification in Teaching Evidence Based Medicine that will improve transparency across the European healthcare sector through the design, development, promotion and piloting of a European training programme specifically for the training of healthcare trainers in EBM, through a curriculum that is integrated into clinical practice.

The EBM Train-the-trainer curriculum provides ideas, examples and tools to improve EBM teaching integrated in 6 different clinical settings.