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  PARTNERS / CASPolska - Poland

CASP Poland,
30-347 Kraków,
Ul. Wadowicka 3, Poland


The Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) is a programme within Learning & Development at the Public Health Resource Unit Since 1993, CASP has been running and cascading a programme of multidisciplinary workshops led by Public Health all over Britain and in Spain.

The CASPin – CASP International Network

A new network has been formed which plans to share ideas and good practice on how to find, critical appraise and act on evidence of clinical effectiveness.   This network is called the CASP International network. There has been increasing interests from other countries in the work of CASP. Some of this has come as a result of a number of demonstration workshops in other countries including Holland, Spain, USA and Portugal. Other interest has arisen through contacts in the Centre for Evidence-based healthcare in Oxford from people who have sought CASP’s help to develop packages that teach those who make health sector decisions. Argentina, Spain, Canada, USA and Norway are actively seeking collaboration and wish to commission work from CASP or CASPfew (finding the evidence workshops). Colleagues from over 30 countries have also expressed interest. International organisations whose CASP aims to enable individuals to develop the skills to find and make sense of research evidence, helping them to put knowledge into practice. The central aim of network is to help health service decision makers and those who seek to influence decision makers, develop skills in finding, critical appraising and acting on evidence about effectiveness, in order to promote the delivery of evidence-based health care internationally.

CASPolska was established in 2004 in Cracow, Poland.


Bullet EBM/HTA Workshops 2004-2005:
Lectuers: dr Norbert Wilk, dr Jacek Walczak, Dr Maciej Newada, Dr Ewa Orlewska, Dr Josè Emparanza, Dr Peter Bradley, Dr Amanda Burls, Dr Bruce Brady.

Bullet „Making sense of evidence”
Cracow, May 2004, Seminar

Bullet „Use of EBM and HTA in health care system” Warsaw, 5-6 March 2004

Conference organized in collaboration with Polish Institute of Evidence Based Medicine and University of Finance and Management in Warsaw.

Bullet ”EBM – Rationalization – Decision-maker”
Warsaw, 27-28 May 2004

Conference lecturers: dr Amanda Burls (West Midlands HTA Collaboration, Great Britain), dr Peter Bradley (Senior Medical Advisor, Statens legemiddelverk/Norwegian Medicines Agency, Norway), dr Jose I. Emparanza (Head of the Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Hospital Donostia, San Sebastian, Spain; Coordinator of the Basque EBM network).


Bullet Leonardo da Vinci Project: “EU EBM UNITY”
October 2005 - September 2007


Contact person: Katarzyna Stawiarz (tel. +48 660 486 986)

Staff working on the project:

Katarzyna Stawiarz | Email: kstawiarz@caspin.org.pl

Rafal Wójcik | Email: rwojcik@caspin.org.pl

Marcin Kaczor | Email: szkolenia@caspin.org.pl



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