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Joaquin Orozco 6
1o-F, 03006 Alicante


CASPE (an acronym for Critical Appraisal Skills Programme of Spain) is a non-profit making organization that aims to enable individuals to develop the skills to find and make sense of research evidence, helping them to put knowledge into practice. The organization gived itself a network structure that established in 1997 with a national coordinator node in Alicante (Dr. Juan Cabello). From there it spread along the Spanish geography, with coordinating regional nodes in most Spanish regions (www.redcaspe.org).

The Network:

Network activity has been to train, in a very interactive and participating way, clinicians and nurses in the different facets of EBM, like asking questions, searching the evidence, appraising the evidence and applying it, always referred to a clinical setting. The pedagogical method used is problem - based teaching and facilitated in small groups. People attending the workshops are invited to join CASP as future facilitators of small groups. After that, CASP Spain offers them "training the trainer" workshops to enable participants to conduct critical appraisal workshops by themselves. This way of "cascading" knowledge and skills is a key characteristic of CASPE and guarantees that the network grows in a stable and sure manner.

As complementary actions, CASPe develops pilotes and produces teaching materials about critical appraisal and finding the evidence. Furthermore, before every workshop CASPe produces (by a peer review system) a critical appraised document of the article. This document is called, with humour, “chuleta” and it is a very useful instrument to stimulate our clinicians to conduct our workshop and to organise their own teaching session.
According with our values, all CASPe´s materials (chuletas and teaching materials and many other information) are shared into CASPe network thought a dynamic website (for CASPe teaching trained people).

The activity:

CASP Spain have organised more of 260 workshop on finding the evidence and critical appraisal and more of 18 training the trainer workshops. Every single workshop is evaluated by the participants and appears on our URL along with more detailed information about the mission, values, organization and activities.

This effort has given rise to several results like “journals club” in different Hospitals, but it is especially remarkable the EBM Clinical Unit in Hospital Donostia. Two clinicians with the support of the Clinical Epidemiology Unit and the Library, run this unit, registering the questions that arise while taking care of patients and the efficiency of different DB to answer these questions, appraising the evidence and finally, abstracting them as CATs.

This unit, with 20 beds assigned to Internal Medicine Department, accepts clinicians from other services in stages of 2 months to be trained in applying the evidence in the clinical practice. This Unit is a fantastic example of integrated teaching and an opportunity for develop the Leonardo project .

Finally, CASP Spain is a founding member of CASP International network, and collaborates with the Spanish EBM network, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

CASP SPAIN in Leonardo Project euebm:

The Spanish partnership in euebm will be co-directed by:

Bullet Juan B Cabello. Alicante General University Hospital. Email: jbcabello@redcaspe.org

Bullet José I Emparanza. Donostia Hospital. Email: jemparan@chdo.osakidetza.net


The project is organised in a coordinating centre and two main hospitals:

Bullet CASP Spain Co-ordinating Centre ( EUE, Alicante University): will develop the project administrative services and project coordination.

Phone & fax 00 34 065909807

Email: virmr@redcaspe.org

See an image of CASP Spain co-ordinating centre in the San Vicente del Raspeig campus. Alicante University. Spain

Bullet Donostia Hospital. Osakidetza. Clinical Epidemiology Unit and EBM Clinical Unit. Where will be piloted the material in an integrated teaching setting (this is the true laboratory of the “Leonardo euebm Spanish” project ).

Bullet Alicante General University Hospital. SVS. Where many clinicians will develop and pilots Leonardo´s euebm material.

Further people, Hospital and organizations will be included gradually in the project.

Staff working on the project:

Juan Cabello-Lopez |Tel: +34 96 590 9807 | Email: jbcabello@redcaspe.org

Jose I Emparanza | Tel: +34 943 007147 | Email: jemparan@chdo.osakidetza.net



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