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  PARTNERS / The Agency for Quality in Medicine - AquMed (ÄZQ) - Germany

Agency for Quality in Medicine,
WeglelystraBe 3,
10623 Berlin, Germany

The Agency for Quality in Medicine AQUMED (Aerztliches Zentrum für Qualität in der Medizin aezq), Berlin – Germany, is a non-profit organization owned by the German Medical Association (BAEK) and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV).

AQUMED was established in 1995 in order to appraise, initiate, and organise national and regional health quality programmes on behalf of the self-governing bodies of the German healthcare system in cooperation with national and international partners.

Aqumed aims at the following goals and objectives:

Bullet Coordination of quality assurance measures of health care services on behalf of the German Medical Association (BÄK) and the national Association of the Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV).

Bullet Efficient and consistent development and implementation of quality assurance measures for health care services.

Bullet Consideration of patients’ interests.

Bullet Cooperation with both health insurance and hospital associations.

According to these principles aqumed  is engaged in the following activities:

Bullet Search for and evaluation of innovations in the fields of quality and evidence in health care.

Bullet Methodology of quality management and evidence-based care.

Bullet Appraisal of clinical evidence.

Bullet Development, dissemination and and implementation of evidence-based guidelines.

Bullet Evidence-based CME programs.

Bullet Appraisal and development of patient information.

Bullet Cooperation with national and international non-medical partners.

Bullet Work at aqumed is guided by the principles of evidence-based medicine.

Aqumed provides the following services:

The results of our activities are meant to contribute towards ensuring and promoting the quality and transparency of our health care system. Specifically our programs are addressed to practising physicians, health care policy makers, patients and consumers.

Services for practising physicians:

Bullet Access to quality-appraised clinical guidelines and evidence reports.

Bullet Evidence-based certified CME programs on the internet.

Bullet Training courses on the utilisation of guidelines and other evidence-based information.

Bullet Information about all aspects of the promotion of healthcare quality and patient safety.

Services for patients and consumers:

Bullet Access to quality-appraised, reliable and independent healthcare information.

Bullet Information and training material about the quality of healthcare information.

Bullet Training courses about the techniques of evidence-based medicine for consumers.

Services for healthcare policy makers:

Bullet Scientific and policy statements on health care issues.

Bullet Identification, appraisal, and presentation of scientific findings, the so-called evidence, on selected findings.


Aqumed has sound experience in working in joint projects with national and international partners.


Staff working on the project:

Susanne Weinbrenner | Phone: +49-30-4005-2511 | Email: leonardo@azq.de

Christian Thomeczek | Email: thomeczek@azq.de

In collaboration with:

Regina Kunz | Email: RKunz@uhbs.ch


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