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  PARTNERS / AMC Amsterdam – Netherlands

AMC Amsterdam
Centre Productive Medicine
Room H4 213, Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology,
Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Academic Medical Centre (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) AMC

The Academic Medical Center (AMC) is the most prominent medical center in the Netherlands as well as one of the largest hospitals. The AMC complex houses the university hospital and the medical faculty of the University of Amsterdam, as well the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research, the medical department of the Royal Tropical Institute and the Dutch Ophthalmic Research Institute. Also a number of biotech companies – partly AMC spin-offs - are located on the premises. This concentration of expertise makes the AMC ‘more than just a university hospital’ and provides a breeding ground for fruitful scientific collaboration.

Dutch Cochrane Centre

The Dutch Cochrane Centre represents the Cochrane Collaboration in The Netherlands, Belgium (Dutch speaking part, from 2002 onwards in close collaboration with the Belgian Branch in Leuven), Surinam, and the Netherlands' Antilles.

The Dutch Cochrane Centre has the following objectives:

Objective I

To stimulate and support evidence-based medicine activities in the Netherlands to help professionals and consumers to make well-informed decisions about health care.


Bullet To support the use of evidence-based medicine in Dutch health care.

Bullet To train professionals in evidence-based medicine.

Objective II

To contribute to the knowledge network of the international Cochrane Collaboration to further support the development of evidence-based medicine.


Bullet To support and to stimulate the preparation of high quality Cochrane systematic reviews about health care interventions.

Bullet To contribute to the international Cochrane Collaboration and to maintain an adequate infrastructure for the Dutch Cochrane Centre.

Bullet To identify scientific publications (evidence) about the efficacy of healthcare interventions.

Bullet To establish a prospective Trial Register in the Netherlands in which all trials about the efficacy of healthcare interventions that will be conducted in the Netherlands will be registered.

Other links:

Máxima Medical Centre, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Veldhoven, The Netherlands


Contact person: Ben Mol (Tel: +31 20 5663857) Email: b.mol1@chello.nl

Staff working on the project:

Ben Willem Mol MD PhD Gynaecologist AMC Amsterdam/ MMC Veldhoven Email: b.w.mol@amc.uva.nl

Rob Scholten PhD Epidemiologist AMC Amsterdam Email: R.J.Scholten@amc.uva.nl

Dirk Ubbink MD PhD Epidemiologist AMC Amsterdam Email: d.ubbink@amc.uva.nl

Sjors Coppus MD Researcher AMC Amsterdam/ MMC Veldhoven Email: s.f.coppus@amc.uva.nl

Nancy Klein Secretary AMC Amsterdam Email: n.klein@amc.uva.nl


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