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The process of developing an informal social dialogue process in the hospital sector has led to a group of involved social partners that are willing to work together to identify possible social dialogue topics at EU level.

In addition the project will encourage the establishment of a European Federation of EBM practitioners to further promote the social dialogue within the healthcare sector and encourage further training solutions.

The EU EBM Unity project is being developed in partnership with hospitals, Universities and other academic institutions, doctors, trade unions and bodies at European level in six different member states.

There are eleven partners involved in the project:

Bullet The University Of Birmingham/ Birmingham Women’s Hospital - England

Bullet J & AB Associates - England

Bullet Agency for Quality in Medicine - Germany

Bullet Austrian Association for Quality in Health Care – Austria

Bullet Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Italy

Bullet The University Of Birmingham (CASPi) – England

Bullet AMC Amsterdam – Netherlands

Bullet CASPolska- -Poland

Bullet CASPe - Espana

Bullet TUDOR - Hungary

Bullet Basel Institute of Clinical Epidemiology


The EU-EBM Steering Committee:

The EU-EBM Steering Committee

Steering Committee members:

Bullet Paul Glasziou (Chair), Bullet Arri Coomarasamy, Bullet Metin Gülmezoglu, Bullet Peter Matzen, Bullet Marjukka Mäkelä, Bullet Nino Cartabellotta,
Bullet Anne Brice, Bullet Patrick Bossuyt, Bullet Norbert Donner Banzhoff, Bullet Francisco Pozo.


The EU-EBM Unity group:

The EU-EBM Unity group


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